The other day we finally came around watching Inferno, and even though I enjoyed the movie, I found myself frequently confused on differences between movie and book. Among other things, it struck me that the movie ended so fundamentally different.

Since I couldn’t remember every detail about the book anymore, I did some research and quickly found this overview of all the differences on Stack Overflow.

Needless to say, the ending in the book is much better.

Almost Done

Managed to finish the last very big arrangement for this school-year. Feels good. There will be still some more coming up, but they shouldn’t be as time consuming as the last one. I’m probably jinxing it right now, but I’m looking forward to get the last three done as well, hopefully, already by the end of next week.

Google Docs has become a great Blog Editor

The recently released WordPress add-on for Google Docs turns out to be rather useful, even without the need to collaborate

Google Docs Cover

I have somewhat a history of fiddling way too much with my writing setup, and as such have been dabbling with way too many tools, i.e. text editors. In the recent past it happened that I slowly but steadily started to switch over to WYSIWYG tools for writing and blogging, here most notably the new WordPress editor or the Press-This bookmarklet.

Both are fine tools (especially after the last update), but for longer posts, those which need a lot more work and/or offline-access, I need a different setup. For these I usually pulled out a text-editor like Ulysses. Even though I enjoy working in that (or similar) app, the lack of cross-platform availability eventually always made me stop using it. I prefer to have my stuff as easily and widely available as possible I guess.

The other week WordPress has released a Google Docs add-on, enabling a publish-to a Jetpack-enabled WordPress blog, which turned out as a great solution for me.

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I knew it had been in beta already, but I didn’t expect Android 7.1.1 to arrive on my device that quickly. It’s great to see how @OnePlus is pushing out updates recently.


It was long coming but I made the switch back to a Windows machine the other day, and it’s great

My old MacBook Pro had reached end-of-life already a while ago and it was time for a replacement and ultimately time for a change. My computer usage and preferences have changed, and I have grown bored (and to some extent frustrated) with Macs for various reasons, so it was time to look elsewhere. I have been itching to switch to Windows for quite some time and now was a very good time to do so.

Last week I got a very nice Acer laptop from my lovely wife and now I am in the process of getting to know and explore the operation system. It is a very nice computer and so far everything is going smoothly. The latest Windows is very nice. I enjoy the light feel of the OS and the use of colors. Considered, that I mostly spend time working in Chrome it’s not been that different.  And oh my, working in full-screen mode in Chrome is awesome here.

Windows is full of useful keyboard shortcuts, there’s no news here. I especially enjoy the ones for window-snapping and going into the full-screen mode. It is very easy and fast to adjust application-windows to my liking. No fiddling with the mouse required.

Funnily though, keyboard shortcuts are also the cause of some minor problems.

Last time I used a Windows machine is more than 8 years ago and not only has a lot has changed since then, I also have forgotten (if I ever knew that is) many keyboard shortcuts. Ever so often I find myself confused on how to do something rather simple with a keyboard shortcut. An unwelcome bonus is, that muscle-memory is playing tricks on me. So far, I’ve gotten very good in invoking non-existing shortcuts, or worse, invoking some that do something totally unexpected.

That is code for: I have to relearn, i.e. retrain myself, quite a bit here, but it’s going to be worth it. I just have to tell myself enough times that the alt-key, even though positioned in the same spot, is not the CMD key.

While it still feels as if I have never used a computer before, this is fun experience and I am looking forward to get to know the OS as well as I did macOS, and really make it my own. It’s not going to last long.

Hello Assistant!

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up in the morning and to realize that Google Assistant had arrived on my device. I was expecting the roll-out to last a lot longer. I had not much time to play around with it, but I am already excited about the daily agenda feature. Having my whole schedule read out to me is very helpful. I will have to dive deeper into the possibilities.


I’m having way too much fun with Prisma recently and currently editing a few of my older images. I always envisioned using illustrations as featured images and such on the blog, but can’t draw at all, and this is the closest that I get. Especially architectural and technical images tend to turn out very well.