Padding myself on the shoulder after reaching my next Karma level

On Tuesday night I finished the last arrangement for an upcoming project. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work and as so often before, turned out a bit more labour intensive than expected. It wasn’t difficult, but it simply took time. This together with my normal workload, resulted in a couple of weeks of being rather busy and regularly burning the midnight oil.

In short, this is code for: there were many things that had to be done and checked off, which then reflected in my Todoist karma, because, as of Thursday I have reached the Grandmaster level.



Timely on the same day, Todoist also released my (in fact every users) yearly stats in a very nice infographic.

2016 STATS - 1.png

Since I had a two months break off the app (iOS, OmniFocus, 2Do, yada yada – don’t get me started) the numbers are a bit off, but that doesn’t matter.

The infographic is full of interesting tidbits. Apparently I get most done on Mondays and in the evenings. The evenings are no surprise, after all I’m typing this at 0:15, but Mondays? That’s unexpected.

2016 STATS - 2.png

2016 STATS -3.png

The gamification of tasks in Todoist is, even though it seems arbitrary, rather fun and strangely motivating. Also that Todoist can provide these statistics is very nice.

I think Todoist is a great app, and I have no doubt that it is one of my most used applications. I continue to find ways to integrate it into my daily workflows and have set up a few nice IFTTT actions and email filters set to automate the way tasks end up in my inbox without me doing anything. Feels like magic and makes some things a lot easier.

I totally enjoy the app and am looking forward to see how it improves during this year. But I’ll press publish now and check one last task for today of the list.



After four years it seemed about right to turn comments back on.

There used to be a time during which comments were frequent and I had many nice conversations here on the blog and I had a lot of fun. In fact, it went so far that I even had a little competition here on the blog in the comments.

Eventually though comments got rare and increasingly spammy and I did what was rather common then (almost trendy I dare say) and turned comments off. The last comment here dates back to Dec 2013. Why do I know? Well, because I just approved it. Fast as a shark.

A few days ago I made 180 degrees turn and enabled comments again. So why now?

There are actually a few reasons. First of all, the interaction with you, the reader, here on the blog. In hindsight it was a lot fun “back in the days” and I met (if you can call it that) a lot people which I would consider my online friends. No having comments on, robs one of that experience altogether.

Another one was, that I just recently I had a very good time commenting on another blog myself. Using the WordPress app this was actually a rather nice experience. Also, a few months ago I received via email a question about a post yet sadly never came around to answer via email and then forgot. If the question would have come via a comment, it would have been not only faster to answer (with the app), but also would have benefited others.

Additionally I have, despite my obsession with Inoreader, in addition started to use the much simpler, WordPress reader. Not only for it’s cleaner design, but also reason that one can, if the site has Jetpack (at least so I believe) and comments enabled, leave comments right within the reader. Not that I have used it often yet (twice or trice, at least so I believe), but it’s nice to be able to do so.

If things will be different now after 4 years of having comments turned off is hard to say, but I hope that the fun comment times return while leaving the spamming out in the dark. And now the obvious: let me know what you think in the comments.


Irony demanded that comments were turned off for this post. For whatever reason, either way, now they are ‘on’ again.


A Language of Whistles

An interesting video about a rare language of whistles on Aeon: A rare language of whistles echoes less and less across the island where it was born:

The language of whistles known as Silbo Gomero – or just el silbo (‘the whistle’) – was once heard widely throughout La Gomera, one of the smallest of the seven main Canary Islands off the Atlantic Coast of Africa. Now it is used only by a few remaining shepherds on the steep hills of La Gomera’s countryside.

A somehow touching video about the language. Also fascinating that it is taught in school. Check out the post/video for more.

Home-Screen for January 2017

New year, new home-screen. Sort of.

My monthly home-screen is already two months late, which is mostly to the reason that it hasn’t changed all much. I take this as good news since I have a setup that actually works well for me.

My launcher of choice is still Action Launcher, which alongside many other new things, recently introduced Pixel style features: such as some visuals as well as QuickCuts. This together with the already available swipe shortcuts make it very powerful and fast to use for me.

As previously, Google app is opened via a swipe to the left and the Quickpage on the right with the Calendar-, Pocket Casts– and Google Play Music widget. Many of the icons open shortcuts. Allo and the phone app are in fact shutters, clicking opens the app and swiping a folder, containing shortcuts for calling/messaging contacts as well as related applications.

Despite all the kerfuffle about it, I’m still sticking with Evernote. I gave OneNote a decent try, actually went through hoops to figure out which would be the right app for me, but at the moment, Evernote still works better for me. I keep an eye on OneNote and other apps that might be able to replace Evernote, but so far there is nothing that does things the way I want to.

I have been switching wallpapers quite a bit, but at the moment I am sporting this one out of Backdrops.

On swearing in Finnish

Long story short: there always some new phrases to learn

Ever so often I hear that I am swearing too much. After 13 years of living here, I have a learned, say, some phrases and words which may slip out without me always noticing.

Looking at the phrases mentioned in this post though, I might actually be not swearing all that much, considered that I didn’t even know half of the mentioned phrases. Alternatively my swearing vocabulary could be too limited. Who knows, but at least now I learned some new ones.

(via Tiina)



Yesterday I backed Manton Reece’s book and microblogging platform on Kickstarter. I was intrigued by Mirco.Blog for a while and I’m looking forward to see how I (or if) can integrate that with my blog. I have been reading his blog for a long time and tried to integrate the ideas here already and hardly ever post status updates anywhere else but here. So it should fit right in.

Some Stats

It’s time for some of last year’s statistics

This year had seen a few ups and downs here on the blog. I tried, but have not managed to post as regularly as I hoped, yet I published 159 posts and added a few more pages, such as the bookmarks page, on which I have embedded my latest bookmarks. The latter I will eventually automate a bit more via IFTTT to get my bookmarks easier and faster there.

I have not published that regularly as I hoped. In November I have been the least active with only 3 posts while in January with 21 the most. Of all pages and posts my articles on using for Markdown writing have been by far my most visited ones. Which is nice.

Since last year’s stats were a bit off, since I changed hosts and what not, but with the 9025 views I’m getting back on track and more than last year’s. It’s not the way what I was photoblogging (80890 views in 2012), but the overall stats seem to go up again, albeit slowly. Something to work on.

Themes I have changed plenty and too often. To that extent that I annoyed myself and challenged myself to stick to the current default theme. Naturally I failed on that front as well, but eventually went back to it and currently still use it. Now in the new year, I plan to switch over to the Twenty Seventeen theme once it will be released on, which, at least as of 2.1.17 is not the case.

And since the beginning of the year seems the most reasonable time to do so, I have now switched over my new domain It’s short, easy to remember and obviously me. All the other domains, should (hopefully) re-direct and I don’t expect links to break.



I was looking for something new to read and ran into what I would consider to be the best thing that I read in a very long time.

The other week I was looking for the next book to read and discovered the Expanse series by James S.A. Corey via the blog post A Damned Good Read by George R.R. Martin. He was very enthusiastic about the latest book, Babylon’s Ashes, in the series, which was reason enough for me to get the first book and start reading.

And boy, am I happy that I did! I’m now about half through the first book and already purchased all the remaining the series. It’s a real page-turner and I don’t want to put out of my hands.

Considered that here are already six books and a TV series I am obviously late to the game, but that just means that I don’t have to wait that long for the next book to be released.