I order to not clutter my blog I have moved the microblog entries to away from the front-page and into it’s own faux-sub-page to feature longer entries on the homepage. The more I come to think about, this doesn’t feel satisfying. I guess a landing-page featuring the latest posts for microblog and longer articles is going to be the better option. Another plus for that: more tinkering fun.

We went to the circus the other day. Sure was fun, especially the thing with the five motorcycles in this cage.

‘Facebook Cross-Posting’

Manton Reece in Micro.blog + Facebook:

Micro.blog’s cross-posting naturally works with long-form content or microblog posts. For longer posts, it includes the title with a link back to your blog. For microblog posts, it sends the entire text to Facebook.Micro.blog also parses your post HTML looking for img tags, downloads the photo and attaches it to the Facebook post. This means that microblog posts with photos look great on Facebook, but the source content is still on your own web site.

A nice new addition to Micro.blog. I haven’t updated, or posted anything to worth mentioning to Facebook since late 2009 (just checked, only automated posts from the blog), and this sound like a good way for me to post there. If nothing else, it might confuse people.

For the first time in months needed to a computer without hi-res or retina display. The difference in font-quality is shocking. Wouldn’t have thought that.

I think PDF-view was about the final piece missing for solving my note-taking issue and building a Dropbox/Folder-based plain-text notes-app with Atom.io. Now I just have to get some automation to work.