Pocket Casts is long my favourite podcast client and now web-app gets seriously improved! I am one of those using the web-app regularly and these new additions are more than welcome (Dark template… yay!): Web Player 2.0 Beta


A list about “ghost-touches”, books and stuff I’m on fire today, many things got done before 15:00 o’clock: I wrote two arrangements and finished four others, I kind of fixed an issue with the phone, or maybe not (I’m not sure what is going there, but the phone feels very, or better too sensitive to any touch, which causes it to open, or register anything as a click which is near my fingers.

‘Sibelius Cloud Sharing’

In Announcing Sibelius Cloud Sharing:

Leveraging the power of Sibelius | Cloud Publishing and running on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, you’ll soon be able to send Sibelius scores to the cloud for rendering that can be displayed in any web browser, posted on social media, and embedded in webpages and blogs, to be viewed by anyone, on any device.

This is a great addition and I’m looking forward to the 8.7 release. This feature will make some things a lot easier for me. It will be especially for sharing lines and or embedding stuff such as transcriptions here on the blog, not even talking about how it could be helpful at work.

Started to work with Lightroom again over the weekend and happily noticed that even after a two years (or even longer) break, I quickly remembered all the commonly used keyboard shortcuts again. This leaves hope that my brain is not all that useless.

Fast as always I finally came around to process some of the images from last year. Took this one on the road to Narvik

Tiina blew my mind by introducing me to the DEL-Key. Coming from a Mac Laptop I literally never used that key. Feeling both enlightened and stupid at the same time.