Tuesday Jazz – Chet Baker: The Last Great Concert

Chet Baker is one of my all-time favourites and recently I have been on a little binge-listen of the “The Last Great Concert”  recordings. The recordings with Big Band and Strings, recorded in 1988 only weeks before his death, feature him in great form.

From All About Jazz:

The concert itself was a hugely ambitious project, given Baker’s reputation for unreliability. To back Baker: a big band and a full orchestra on stage at the same time, in addition to a jazz quartet. Baker didn’t show up for rehearsals, and he didn’t arrive at the concert hall until the afternoon of the show. In spite of that, he—and by turns the orchestra and big band and quintet—sounds marvelous. Baker fits his solos into the arrangements seamlessly.

In times, in which, at least it feels like, Jazz is getting more complicated, intellectual, but in my opinion not always more beautiful, it is great to listen to listen to these recordings which are plain, great music.

I have never been able to find them on Spotify (and still am not), but I found both recording available to play on Google Play Music. You can listen to  Vol.1 My Favourite Songs here, and Vol.2 – Straight from the Heart here.

New Simplenote for macOS

Even though I have become rather comfortable using mainly the WordPress editor, or the Press This! bookmarklet as in this case, I was looking for an easy way to jot down some drafts and eventually started to use Simplenote again.

I used Simplenote already back in the days on a, in hindsight, tiny iPhone 3g and it had never let me down, and was the center of my note-taking and writing. I found it peculiar though, that for example Markdown-preview, wasn’t available in the Mac app but obviously everywhere else. This is now fixed.

From: Try the New macOS Beta:

Today you can try out a new Simplenote beta for macOS that was built using Electron, the web technology we used for the Windows and Linux apps…If you’ve used our native macOS application in the past and have been missing some of the unsupported features like Markdown…

The app feels nice, syncs fast, and best of all, is cross-platform (Android, iOS, web, Windows, Linux) and from what I can tell identical in features on all platforms. I might be sticking for a while again.

A Reading-Problem

Talking about reading. I figured the biggest problem with my established reading habit is, that I have accumulated a huge back catalog of TV-series that I would like to watch, yet have no chance to catch up with; at least at the moment. Maybe not the biggest issue.

The next books on my Reading List

I’m taking a short break from the Expanse series

I just finished reading the 3rd book in the Expanse series, Abaddon’s Gate, and already look forward to the next book, Cibola Burn, which is already waiting for me on my Kindle. Since I now read the first three installments in a row, I thought it would be nice to read something else in between and already have something in the line. Actually it’s two books, a short one (as in very) and a little longer one.

First of all a short one: John Scalzi’s “The Tale of the Wicked” which I learned about on Wil Wheaton’s blog. After that I will continue with Neil Gaiman’s new book “Norse Mythology“. I preordered it already in the last year, and it was released just last week (or so). I have read a few of his book in the last year, and come to like his work a lot.

My reading challenge for this year is 17 books and now I’m at three. I guess I’m good on track.

Recently I have put a few minutes of work into my /Now page, and integrated the RSS-feed from my currently reading list on Goodreads. If everything goes as planned, the “Currently Reading” list should update automatically. That is, as long as I read on my Kindle.

New York State Of Mind: Tenor-Solo

A transcription from Richie Cannata’s tenor solo on Billy Joel’s New State Of Mind

A student needed to play the solo and I tried to find a transcription. Since I couldn’t find a transcription online and had a little downtime I quickly made one myself.


It’s a rather slow tune, which makes the rhythmical notation somewhat cryptic, and in a few spots I’m not entirely sure if everything is correct. But at least it should be in the ballpark, and it’s fun to play.

You can download the PDF here.