Something Big

 As I’m now almost done processing, or better, merging the panoramas (the processing hasn’t even started yet, not even talking about dust-brushing……) I ran into the problem that at least two of them so far simply are so huge, that I have a hard time getting them into a presentable format for the blog. If I post them in the size, or better the composition that I had in mind when I took them, they will look, well, kind of small on the blog.

I have been experimenting with a few different crops, but none of them did even get close to what I wanted to achieve. Less is more they say, but think how much more more will be (I know… shameless Frasier quote)

So I have been debating with myself how to present the image at it’s best and figured out two possibilities: one being a video and the other being an interactive flash thingy. As usual I do have decision issues, so I simply decided to use both. If you want to, you can watch the video right here on the site or go here to see the interactive version in a new window. It’s hosted on Dropbox and I hope this will work. At least it did for me here.

I have a few more panoramas to come up, and while most of them are in a postable format some are not. For those I will use the same procedure I guess. As usual I will do a little wrap-up of the trip together with a slideshow/video most likely. I hope this to be ready by next week.

And yes…. sorry for the cheesy background music. Just had to…

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2 thoughts on “Something Big”

  1. I think the Video presentation works best,
    When watching it you become the feeling that you're on a boat sailing past the mountain range..

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