Lofoten Summer

It has been a long day at this moment already, and we’re still searching for the location we have noticed in the distance. Still without success, and as it will turn out, we will never find “the spot”. Along the road though, we run into a few other beautiful scenes. Such as this one.

It is a wonderful and silent place, and I take my time composing a few images. A few of them turned out to be successful, well at least in my opinion. If you are interested you read and see the images in this post or here in the galleries.

I find myself occasionally cropping the images slightly. Landscapes in portrait orientation I almost always crop into a 8×10 aspect ratio, and occasionally I crop landscape oriented images into 16:9. The latter somehow emphasizes more the wideness of the scene without feeling too much like a panorama, and obviously I prefer this crop for this image.

And talking about aspect ratios… this actually reminds me of an interesting article on aspect ratios by Joe Cornish which you can find over on the highly recommended site Great British Landscapes.

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  1. Great moment captured! Well chosen perspective and stunning landscape.

  2. Another beautiful landscape and I do like the ‘widescreen’ ratio.

    Do you find the GBL worth the subscription?

    • Hi John.

      Thanks a lot for your comment, glad you like it. I’m having at the moment the two week subscription and so far I have been satisfied. I especially enjoyed the video’s with Joe Cornish always. Looking forward how the site develops.

  3. Nice shot Sven… very calming.

    I think that while photographers have their preference for an aspect ratio and orientation, which ultimately depends on their own artistic vision, one should still consider other aspect ratios prior to releasing the shutter, as they may open their eyes to something that they hadn’t seen through the viewfinder.

    Cropping with intention is something that photographers have done for years, and creative use of aspect ratio can make or break a picture.

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