Red Rocks – The Videoblog

In my post “The Red Rocks” from the Finmark area (Norwegian Lappland), I mentioned that I had also recorded a clip (actually it were two) as a videoblog for the blog. I finally got it done and added a images as a slideshow to it as well.

I had some fun listening to it since it seems I didn’t quite knew where I have been photographing back then! Luckily I have figured that out in the meanwhile, this location actually is a few kilometres south of the city of Berlevag.

But now enough of talking/writing here’s the video-blog and I hope you enjoy it:

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Persfjord: A Sunny Night At A Stormy Coast » « The Red Rocks


  1. Conditions are always best on either the first or the last days. It’s the law! Love the sound of the sea.

    • Indeed, isn’t it a lovely sound. That moment was actually also almost the last time I heard it like this, but at least it’s only a few days until I can hear it again.

      I have been thinking to only have one day trips in the future. That might solve those issues.. LOL

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