I have joined Twitter in March 2008 (thanks to Tweetbot I just figured that I’m user no. 14 076 781 just in case you are interested), and since that day I had always enjoyed being on the network. I have met many friendly and likely minded people from all over the world and discovered (and shared) many interesting things with them. In fact I have changed blogs (hosted, self-hosted and what not) and many other services multiple times since then, but Twitter had been a constant during all this time.

Even in times when I haven’t been as actively participating in the conversation as I used to do, I always have been using the service passively. I checked-in frequently and kept up with with the ongoings in my timeline. Reading my timeline became together with my morning coffee an important part of my morning routine and for a while even partly replaced my feed-reader addiction.

With the event of the recent announcements though my enthusiasm of and loyalty for the network has gotten dramatically diminished.

Before I continue I would like to share a few links for further reading and better understanding on what the hell I’m talking about here:

So, even though the changes and their potential outcome might not affect the normal user of the network, I think though it’s just disappointing to see that yet another network hast lost it’s value and interest for me.

So what now? To be honest I actually don’t know… certainly not running over to FB or G+ 1.

The only real alternative at moment appears to be App.net 2. I’m still thinking of joining, but chances are you will find me there in the near future. Also Glassboard could become interesting for more private groups if I can convince anyone to join me there.

Another important thing to learn from this whole situation we’re in right now is that I find it increasingly more important to learn to rely as much as possible on tools that I can control in one way or the other (read: this and my other blog) when publishing content of any kind.

Daniel Jalkut certainly speaks the truth and out of my mind here.

True, a blog can’t replace (and is not even supposed to) a social network in terms of conversation but at least one has control over content, presentation and longevity of the blog. All things that are in my own responsibility.

Even though I’m being a bit of hypocrite here, I think that for the time being I will stick around for at least for a while, but I have the feeling that user 14 076 781 might be leaving the building any time soon.

Most likely more to come.

  1. G+ is merely a big maybe and more a theoretical option as I find the service too time consuming to use and of no real value to me. 
  2. I linked the other day to an very interesting read on TidBITS the other day 7