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I haven’t had as much time to work MuseScore as I would have liked to and specifically haven’t had the time to really sit down and check it out. I instead rather try to use it in my work as if I have always been using it. Good news is that I hardly notice any difference, learn on-the-go and am currently at the point at which I learn something new every time I use.

Often I was surprised how easy certain tasks are accomplished. These moments of jeij, that’s how it works though were still preceded by googling for the solution only to be forgotten shortly thereafter. Yet, I am making steadily progress.

Besides the minimal amount of usage time at the moment it has already become obvious that it will definitely replace Finale for me and I don’t see any reason to switch to Sibelius either, even though the recently announced pricing and feature list does look interesting and makes the product somewhat more compelling.

I am confident that once I really get to know how the app works and thinks I will be able to get everything done that I need. In many ways I found MuseScore to be working for me much better than for example Finale.

While I think anyone who has used Finale will easily get along with MuseScore, I still found these instruction-videos rather helpful. Looking forward to upcoming episodes.

Years ago I had the idea of making a template for a really beautiful lead-sheet and the thought came back to me the other day and I’m curious to see if I get that done in Musescore. As usual, you can expect to hear about this here.

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