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An Impromptu Quartet

A few weeks ago, we had put a quartet together to perform during the local Tulinberg Viikko. We learned about the concert a few days before, so it was one of those spontaneous, last minute gigs.

At the rehearsal it clicked and sounded immediately very nice and playing later with a acoustic quartet in the Tulinberg Sali, with a nice grand piano was simply a joy. No mikes, no nothing 1. Just acoustic music with good friends. All gigs should be like this.

Either way, we had a great time and everyone in our quartet played great and here’s the tune, aka as the full set2:

Sami Juntunen: piano
Tapio Tekoniemi: bass
Tauno Räsänen: drums

and yours truly on tenor messing up the fills at 1:46 and 2:15 a bit, but anyway.

  1. Okay, we had a bass amp 
  2. We played only one tune, so technically it is the full set 
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