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And Some More Stats

After WordPress in the beginning of the year, now also my favourite to-do manager Todoist has, as of last week, published a nice infographic with some statistics from the users’ Todoist usage. In mine I could nicely see how I have used the app/service and there were even some surprises in there.

But now let’s have a look:

Time Of Day.png

4am?! Yes, I do work also in the very early morning.

I have made it a habit of working in the very early hours of the morning when there are projects that have deadlines. Whenever possible I try to plan ahead a work a little every day before actually heading out to work.

Day of Week.png

This one was a bit of a surprise, I would not have thought that I do most things on Monday.


In the early months of 2015 I had another round of switching and testing Task-Manangers of all kinds, hence the gap of usage. The same goes for the time of middle July to August, in which I thought I could use OmniFocus again, and realized once more that it is too cumbersome and complex for me.

Looking at the months June, September, October and December my usage is rather steady. I guess that November spiked due to the purchase of Christmas presents. Who knows. But in the next year I guess the stats will look a little more consistent.

The Podcast Stats

On Android Pocket Casts has had a stats-feature for a while, and since receiving my Android Phone two weeks ago, I could finally take advantage of that. At the moment I’m quite up to date with my subscriptions and no backlog has piled up (yet). Which is very welcome.

After two weeks of using the app on Android the statistics look like this:


1 day and 12 hours in 14 days. I don’t know if that’s much or not but I would say that is about the average what I’m listening to.

As you know, I like infographics and getting insights into my usage of services. For example I like to track my steps not for fitness purposes, but to get a general overview of my movements. With an Android phone is even more fun, since at least Google Fit also recognizes when I am cycling, without any input from my part. Which is something that bugged me a lot on iOS. But those stats I might post another time.