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Fossil Rock

Here I am in the Finnmark area way up in the north of Norway on a beautiful rocky beach. The weather finally calmed down and the evening presents it’s best in beautiful and warm light. I have been exploring this area already during the daytime and returned to these places just in time. It was Worldwide Photowalk on this day and I had my own here at the coast.

These vertical aligned rock formations were typical in this area. I explored quite many of them, but these almost, hidden formation especially appealed to me. I stand by the tripod, waiting for the right moment with the right wave in the background and the right swoosh in the foreground. A few waves later I find the right moment. This took significantly less, than on a previous image, where I stood and waited in a more howling wind next to a lighthouse for the right waves.

The sun rose a few minutes later again behind the clouds on the horizon and I continue my explore along the coast before heading home again already planning the next trip in my head.

    • Thanks a lot John. The light was very nice up there, very cool. I got later considerably warmer.

  1. Cool shot – those rocks look like croc scales. Wondering if you share your EXIF data? I like to read it so I know how you good guys get all your cool shots – good for learning

    • Hi Ben, thanks a lot for your comment.

      As far as the EXIF data goes it looks like this:

      ISO 50; 17mm; 0EV; 1s @f16

      I should look for a possibility to add the metadata to the post. I hope this helps, if you have any questions drop me comment.

      • Thanks – I find it educational to look at the EXIF data. I figure if I can repeat it in a similar situation I should have a well taken image, it now just depends on my comp.

        It's probably the most instructional way I've learnt

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