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I was just putting together a post and did some research on Spotify. One search led to another and then I found this: John Sinclair Audiodramas. What an amazing, yet weird find.

Since they were released in Germany in the 80’s they are naturally auf Deutsch but this is too hilarious to not to share. I remember listening and sharing them with friends when I was a kid. This is like a return to the 80’s.

It would have been easier to link to a search result, but since that doesn’t seem to be possible I here are some user generated playlists that I have found:

On Wikipedia you can find some more info and episode listing. None of the episodes does ring any bells at the moment and I’m not sure which ones I had been listening with my friends back then. I guess it’s too long ago.

Either way it’s fun to listen to a few of them. If they wouldn’t take themselve so serious they would be as hilarious as Monster Hunters.


After listening to them I have been a bit befuddled why none of them actually sounded familiar to me, and it turns out, these are a new series, and the ones the young-me listened to are a different edition. Which I realised when a few of these popped up on Google Music. I haven’t (yet) listened to them, but it seems that they are not nearly as good or well produced as the above, but more like a vintage radio drama.