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iPad-Wallpaper for June

Spring is slowly merging ito Summer and with Midsummer only a mere 21 ahead it’s not getting dark in the night anymore, which make this time of year definitely my most busiest time to photograph. As during the last years, I hope to be able to make the most out of this brief period and if all went well, I should just have been returned from my first trip this summer (I wrote this post ahead of time).

Which brings me to a totally different matter… this month’s wallpaper.

The wallpaper(s) for this month are of complete different nature than usual ones, where I tended to use slightly modified versions of some of my images. Recently I gave my blog a little facelift (if you are reading this in your feed reader feel free head over to my site and have a look) and since I am very happy with this new look, I thought the background will also make a great background for the iPad.

Here on this blog and over on my galleries I have used the same background to give both sites a uniform look, even though both sites are of completely different design of course. On the blog you actually will have different backgrounds, depending on post-type and page-type (well this is still a bit under construction).

The Wallpaper

I used the same pattern as here on the blog (which is inspired by this tutorial), but I added a few gradients to the top and the bottom to add a bit more interest. I know I say this with every wallpaper that I post here, but I actually like them very much and use them myself.

To have a few more choices I have three more colour options.

Installing the Wallpaper

Unfortunately I had to realize that it is not entirely easy to actually get images in the correct resolution onto the iPad. iTunes is at times living in the belief that it has to re-size images during the import, which in this case, led to rather unfortunate results. But naturally there’s a work-a-round by installing/saving the image right through Safari. This should be the same for other images and wallpapers as well.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select the image that you like and open it in Safari
  2. Press and hold on the on the image and save it to the photo-app
  3. In photo-app assign as wallpaper.

And that’s about it. If one knows about an easier way to get images on the device without re-sizing you are most welcome to share in the comments.

But I hope you like the wallpaper, at least I do.

  1. What a gracious offer! I’m partial to the green…thank you. I think I will!

    I’ve been perusing your site, and find your landscapes delightfully cool compared to my region (Texas) where we are currently stifled by temps in the high 90s – low 100s (averaging around 37c [?]). This is why we drink iced tea! 😉

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