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My Fifty Seconds with Periscope

A few days ago I installed and deleted I noticed it being featured in the app-store and at some point in people that I follow on Twitter for a long time started to post an occasional Periscope live-stream in my timeline. So I thought to give it a try.

I had my doubts about a live-video streaming app, and yes or sadly so, I didn’t get disappointed.

Installation and setup were straight forward. After authorising the app with Twitter I was greeted with a list of suggested people to follow from my Twitter account. As usual I follow the people I know and trust and after submitting my selection I was send over to the next screen.

The next screen though wasn’t my timeline, as one would expect, nope, but rather a global one. Why would I want to see that? Even though the videos were, luckily so, not autoplaying1, I cannot make unseen what jumped at me out of the three preview images.

Okay, this is the internet and it is of no surprise whatsoever that the content at that moment in the global timeline, judging by preview-images, appeared to be mostly NSFW, as in very. I couldn’t care less that people choose to publish NSFW content, but I don’t like to get it shoved straight into my face, and especially when I don’t ask for it.

A what is most befuddling to me, is why to choose people to follow, to build up a timeline, but then get pushed to a global stream. If none of the people I chose to follow isn’t or hasn’t been streaming anything, which is likely, then simply show me nothing, maybe a list of things that I missed or some curated content. Even a blank screen would been better. But maybe that’s just me.

In short: my whole Periscope experience lasted about 50 seconds and I have no intention to have another look any time soon. If a sufficient amount of Periscope streams from people I trust show up in my Twitter-timeline, I might change my mind and have a second look. Let’s see how that goes.

But hey, I do like the icon.

  1. I guess the first frame of the stream is shown as a still-image