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Setting up a new Mac is not only a nice experience but also a great opportunity to think a bit about the applications that I really want and need on that machine. After running a computer for many years, lot’s of applications have collected dust in my applications folder and starting a new machine from scratch feels like a huge diet on the computer’s storage.

Since I want to (as so often before) to keep the install on the most minimal basis I have been thinking which applications I really want on that computer. Aside the usual and bundled software such as the iWork suite (which I actually happily use) and the not-yet obsolete iPhoto and iMovie, my must-have one’s so to say are:

I have tried so many, actually too many text editors but I always come back to this one. It simply resonates the most with me. I equally enjoy it on the iPad, where it has all the features that I am looking for, especially the (probably best) support for external keyboards. And once this update is out, it will be only writing solution I need.

OmniFocus is, similar to WriterPro, one of the applications that I have had an on/off relationship but in the end always came back to. Once I have set it up the way I want to have it, it has this set-it and forget it thing going on and simply supports everything that I need it for. I especially enjoy that it somehow grows with me, and supports the way I might want to use it also. It’s everything to me: task manager, notebook, reminder app. At the moment I’m totally looking for the release of it’s new iPad app and the updated iPhone app with all the iOS 8 goodness (which all should be out tonight).

This one is rather new on my Mac. I have been an Alfred user since it came out but never really dug too deep into the app. Once I learned about the way the app supports tags in the latest update I was immediately set on it. Launchbar has, in conjunction with Mavericks support for Tags totally changed the way I work with files. Something that I will write about in the future.

This is obviously a no-brainer. There’s not much else to say about that, other than I’m looking forward to the iOS 8 versions of the application.

This one goes into the same category as 1Password. Not much to else to say other than a must-have.

  • Dropbox

I like Dropbox, but I am actually not sure what I will do with it, once iCloud drive is live. I could easily imagine only going with that but there are some many applications that use it in the background that it will be necessary a very long time.

If you are using Markdown you really want to use Marked as well. I’m not using it as much as I would like to though. This again is actually an reminder for me to write some more custom themes.

I’m not a, and never have been, a coder of any kind, but I do like to tinker around with the CSS and the code of this blog, and this app, is very helpful for my approach of try and let’s see what I’m breaking now approach.

  • Lightroom

I’m still on Lightroom 4.4 which since it’s a) old and b) Adobe switched to a subscription model slightly cumbersome to get-by again. It did require some digging and clicking on Adobe’s website to find a download again. Maybe I will subscribe to it in the future, but I’m very curious to see how the will turn out to be. I could imagine that that, in conjunction with for example Pixelmator could be enough for me. But let’s see about that when it’s time to make such a decision.

Needles to say, I’m sure I have forgotten a few little tools which will come up at some point. I’m still not sure what could be the best way for me to deal with simple notes and PDF’s. I’m still working on that one but over time I will come to some solution at least for that.

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