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Printed, Framed and Ready to Go

Just the other day I was lucky to frame a few recently made prints for an upcoming small exhibition (more on that in an upcoming post) when I again realized how beautiful a freshly framed print looks like. There is just something about them.

In fact I haven’t been printing much recently but having the result of my work like this in my hands, is a good reminder for the why I’m doing all this. It’s also interesting to notice that my preferences for print sizes have changed quite a bit: a few years the prints I made were, quality aside, much bigger, but at the moment I find A4 sized to be more tasteful and stylish. Square prints look already great in a small size like 12x12cm. This of course has the benefit that they don’t use much space on the wall, and one doesn’t have to actually plan where to put a print. Just a thought.

I’m definitely looking forward to print and frame more images in the future. I will post a write-up on the progress of the exhibition once it’s time.

  1. These look great! Are you using a local printing/framing shop, or do you use any online services?

    • Hi!

      The prints are done by a friend of friend of mine on an Epson printer and the framing I have been doing myself. I have a post coming up in the near future about the frames. Just drop by again in a week or two and I’ll have the post up by then I hope.

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