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Some Weekly Bits

Plagued by some nasty infection in my arm I needed to stay to home during this week, try to rest and eventually to get better. Needless to stay that this wasn’t as easy as one might think and in the end some more drastic measures needed to be taken. But by now I’m already a lot better and soon back to normal. Famous last words maybe.

With the release of iOS8 during this week a lot has happened which worked as a welcome distraction. Updates over updates and working on iOS with the, even if only few at the moment, extensions has gotten so easy and effective that certain tasks are faster and more elegantly done on my phone/iPad than on the desktop. Still there’s so much to explore and a lot more great stuff will come.

Over the last few days I have enjoyed the Instapaper update. It’s very easy now to add posts now, now bookmarklets needed anymore (at least on iOS). The newly introduced “Text to Speech”-Playlist in Instapaper is rather neat, albeit being a tad robotic. To give it a try I used this feature to catch up with some articles in my back catalog. I used to have tried something similar earlier with tinkering around in the accessibility settings or some other time converting text into MP3’s. The new Instapaper feature makes this a lot easier, albeit being a tad weird.

Anyway, since I needed to try to rest at least a bit I could catch up with some reading. Here are some of the things that read:

Rands in Repose: The Song Of The Introvert»
This is a really great article, which when read by a machine almost get’s a totally different dimension to it.

The Great Discontent: Theron Humphrey»
Great interview on “The Great Discontent” with Theron Humphrey the man behind Maddie on Things. Very insightful interview.

I have been trialing Fastmail for a couple of weeks now and like it a lot. Over on Technical Difficulties is a great overview on tips and tricks on using the service.

Rocket Ink: Selected Wallpapers For Your Devices»
Patrick Welker posted on his Rocket Ink a great collection of wallpaper links. I mean, who doesn’t look for a nice wallpaper every now and then.