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The other day I had an idea for a neat Lego app. Wish someone would build something like this.

Lego is awesome. It was when I was a kid and it is even more so now. In fact it is even cooler now than back in the days. The amount of fun sets is increasing and Lego Ideas is full of great concepts.

After browsing through the latter I had the best idea for a Lego app. I know, I’m biased and I like the idea and Lego if you are listening, make this happen.

The Lego Engineer

The idea is simple.

The app “contains” all commercially and standardly available Lego parts in all available colours. With these parts the user can virtually build, or better design, his own creations in the app.

To make things a little bit easier, there could be some sort of presets. These could contain some standard parts or better shapes, like car tyres, starships, a TARDIS (okay kidding), you name it as a starting point for creation or modification.

Once the design is done, the user can order the necessary parts together with an automatically generated construction plan1 from inside the app and have it shipped home. The design could also optionally be shared (with an affiliate program) within the app to other users and/or shared to social networks, or be embedded in a blog in a card-format. From this card the design could be purchased as well, thus generating a little bonus for the designer.

Being an actual Lego Engineer is probably a dream job2, and with this app everyone could become one. To me this sounds like a winner for all parties involved.

  1. This could almost be achieved by simply generating screenshots after each completed step. 
  2. To quote my wife 
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