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The one with iOS, Android and iA Writer

A year or so ago I switched back after about a year using an Android phone. To be straight forward: I enjoyed using Android very much and I liked much better than iOS. Then I considered it to be more powerful than iOS in many ways, yet I switched back to iOS. The reason for the latter though had not so much to do with Android itself.

What I didn’t like was that phone-manufacturers obviously didn’t care about much updating the OS in any timely fashion1. Like, at all. This is something that you can’t blame Android in itself for, it’s something that solely phone-manufacturers are responsible for. Another reason to switch back, was not so much the lack of apps, but the lack of apps that I wanted to use, i.e, the ones that I was used to use. And believe or not, my favourite writing solution, iA Writer, was one of two apps, that I missed and the reason I switched back to iOS.

Well, since then things have changed quite a bit on both OS’s, and iA Writer had been available on Android for a while now. With it’s latest update I even believe it to be identical to its iOS or Mac version.

At the moment I still sport the 6plus, which to be honest, after the last iOS updates has become rather sluggish and had become rather painful to use. Considered that I am not much fan of the iOS design2 and the last app that I was missing then is now available on Android, my next phone might as well be an Android one again.

Looking at the applications that I am currently working with, it literally doesn’t make a difference anymore which operating system I use. I guess I will figure out once it is time to update hardware.

  1. I think the phone that I have been using then, is still on 4.1.something, despite Android being on version 6 right now. 
  2. I’m got used to it, but still find it visually unappealing.