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Note: After writing and before publishing this article iOS 8.3 got released, which might or might not have fixed the issues described. It is a bit like Schrödinger’s cat. But I wrote it and thought I share it anyway.

I had never had major iCloud syncing issues, in fact even when many faced issues, it always seemed to work fine for me. Over the course of the last week though I have experienced more and more iCloud sync issues on my iPad. Which was a little peculiar since it worked fine on all my other devices. The phone, my desktop and the laptop were all nicely in sync.

Only the iPad remained mostly silent. This caused some issues since I work on the iPad a lot and I rely on Ulysses and WriterPro and a few other applications that need iCloud.

The usual instant-fixes like rebooting, hard-resets, deleting and re-installing applications didn’t seem to improve the situation. Re-installing the applications only resulted in downloading the most current version of files but after the initial download that not much happened. New edits or newly created files were not uploaded and stayed on the device.

After, what I would consider sufficient trouble shooting I gave up and did what I haven’t had the need to do in a long time: I wiped the whole iPad and started from scratch. I did however not completely re-install the OS. I kept that option if this step doesn’t work.

It was, and by the time of this writing still is, a bit of a hassle1, but so far, and knock on wood, it does seem to have fixed all the issues I experienced. In some cases it has significantly sped up the syncing process. I have no idea whether or not it was the most efficient solution, but at least it worked.

In hindsight maybe turning iCloud-Drive off and back on could have done the trick. Well, I didn’t try that and I don’t want to know if it would have worked.

Either way, at the moment I have a nice clean install and since I now have to install apps fresh again and have to start from scratch I might even get my home-screen done now.

  1. There is only so many times my nerves can bear enter passwords.