On Mastodon

Even though Micro.Blog is around the corner I got intrigued by Mastodon and today signed up for it. I heard Leo Laporte mentioning it on TWiG during this week, but the name of the service/protocol slipped my mind and eventually I forgot about it. Yesterday Thomas talked about it on it Twitter (ironically) and with it brought it back to my attention​.

After a quick research I found this excerpt from TWiG, in which Kevin Marks explains quite well what this all is about, and I find it rather compelling. After a little bit more reading I went for the mastodon.network instance and set up an account. It feels somehow familiar, but I will have to learn a bit more about it and most importantly, find interesting people to follow.

It feels as exciting as was App.net when it was new, or even better, around.

I understand that beginning on Monday the 24th, the Micro.Blog rollout will begin and I am looking forward to it. I have the feeling that, since it is more blog-centric it will suit me well, or better. I guess, that I will soon now.

That all being said, you can find me now also on Mastodon as @svens@mastodon.network. I’m quite interested to see how all of this works out.

To Theme And Back

There is a good chance that, should you have visited here during the last week more than once (as you do of course, just kidding, I don’t think anyone has noticed), it looked different every single time. Naturally this was because I, once again, felt the need to change the blog’s theme and as expected drove myself crazy in the process.

I had the same thing happening to me almost a year ago, which then eventually inspired my theme challenge. Then I wanted to stick to the current default theme (then Twenty Sixteen) in order to wait for Twenty Seventeen to be released. Turns out that now that it has, it doesn’t work that well for me and I didn’t manage that well with the challenge to begin with. Switched themes a couple of times already then.

After realizing that Twentyseventeen will not work for me during the last week I tried and fiddled with, what I think to be about five to seven different themes. As ones does. So I fiddled, and fiddled and the other night additionally spent way too much time fiddling with fonts and font pairs and what not.

Since this can’t go on like this, I decided to re-instate my theme-challenge and stick with this theme (Twentysixteen) at least until the next default theme is going to be announced. Whenever that will be.

That is until something better comes along, of course… Well, no… Maybe… Whatever…



Another milestone here on the blog


I almost didn’t notice, but my last post also turned out to be the 1000th post here on the blog. Quite the milestone.

The blog had so far quite the odyssey since in inception in 2008. First photo-blog, then photography blog, then merged with my personal blog (toomuchlatte.com), had been hosted of variety of services, Pixyblog, WordPress (WordPress.com now and the majority of the time and self-hosted), Scriptogram, Ghost and probably somewhere else in between.

Over all those changes not all posts have made over the years, meaning I have much more over the years, but also removed content. But anyway, looking forward to see what happens during the next 1000 post.

Let’s see if this will take 9 years as well.

Things I Like This Week #4

This week had a bit of a space theme to it

After being ordered in September, and promised to be delivered just before Christmas (2016 just to make sure), the Nintendo Classic Mini finally arrived this week. It’s a lot of fun and lot’s of memories from the past. I’m not much of a gamer, never have been, but I remember having played Galaga and Donkey Kong many times in an Arcade hall. That was then and now I can fail at those games as much as I like and have fun at the same time.

Also I was happy to notice that Rogue One was already available as a digital purchase on Friday. Got it right away.

Despite the imminent danger, due to movie and the console, that I would not get much done during the weekend I managed to finish the fourth book in the Expanse Series – Cibola Burn. It’s a great book and before continuing with the 5th book Nemesis Games I will read the novellas, which are located in an earlier timeline and provide a bit more backstory, first. Starting with The Churn before continuing with the series. Looking forward to learn a bit about Amos’s backstory.

And talking about space: I ran into the podcast “It’s Your Universe” and am listening to it a the moment. The show has 12 episodes, one for each planet in our solar system and some on the moons and so forth. Very interesting.

Blogging from Coffee Shops

Trying something new for a change, or a challenge if you will

I once read a series of posts from blogger and software developer Manton Reece how he worked every day of the week from a different coffee shop. I kind of liked the idea, but for a project like that I am not only missing the time to do so, but also I believe I would run out of coffee shops rather quickly.

So far, I only have worked from a coffee shop when I was on a concert trip. At home I sometimes used applications like Coffitivity to get some background noise and enjoyed that, but never went for the real stuff.

Now that my weekly workload is getting a bit more relaxed, I decided to challenge myself and try to get some writing and publishing done this way. I’ll doubt it will be on the same day every time, but I think I can squeeze one coffee in every now and then.

What I will try to do is, until the vacation starts at the end of May, once a week sit down in the morning another coffee shop, have a Latte and work on one article. Seems manageable but I already know, that next week is going to be a bit tight. But let’s see.

And yes, this article was written in Cafe Bisketti.

‘Get out of Nuzzel for a few minutes during your lunch break and try some indie blogs’

Gabe of Macdrifter in ‘If You Like Indie Blogs then Share Them’:

Is this it then? Is this the last gasp of independent blogging as everyone moves to micro transactions of half considered thoughts? Will Tweets eat WordPress? … By my estimation, the best way to show that I support indie blogging is to recommend some of the sites I read. Page views are the real currency of the internet.

A great post by Gabe and a reminder to everyone to read and share more blogs, not sites. I enjoy blogging and read blogs (which I why you read this here) and agree with Gabe: the best way to support, is to share them.

My list and write-up will be up in a couple of days.

Home-Screen for April 2017

It’s been a while, but here’s the latest home-screen.

Three months have passed since the last home-screen post, but at least there had been some changes. First of all, I’m using a different launcher. I used to use Action Launcher, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to support all the app-shortcuts that are, at least in theory, available.

At first I was holding out, because my phone wasn’t on 7.1 at that time, but even after the update, not all shortcuts were showing. In theory this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but some of my most-used apps, Todoist for example, were missing them, which was enough reason for me to look elsewhere.

And elsewhere was with Nova Launcher right around the corner. It did require a bit more fiddling (but you know, that is probably the reason I’m doing that in the first place) but eventually I got a really nice setup, with a whole bunch of helpful shortcuts. For example all things here on the home-screen serves at least two or more things.

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My Podcast List for Spring 2017

I did some spring-cleaning and have cleaned up my subscription list and cut it in half

During the last year my podcast list has grown quite a bit, and I frequently added more and more audio-dramas. Eventually I found myself not only unable to catch up with the various shows and series but also lost interest into a few the shows. Some of them simply couldn’t keep me attached for long enough or got rather stale in my opinion.

So, the other weekend I then eventually went through my subscriptions and slimmed it down quite a bit and it seems like I went back to my old list of Tech-Shows.

Currently there are overall 37 shows in my list, quite a few of them though are currently not updated or on a hiatus. So, for the sake of simplicity I will add here only the ones that are frequently updated.

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