I never liked the un-responsiveness of the Spotify embed, so I responsified it.

.embed-spotify iframe {
width: 100%; margin-bottom: 1em


The other day we finally came around watching Inferno, and even though I enjoyed the movie, I found myself frequently confused on differences between movie and book. Among other things, it struck me that the movie ended so fundamentally different. Since I couldn't remember every detail about the book anymore, I did some research and…

A Duo-Lingual Communication Issue

I was surprised to figure out that Google Now had learned to speak finnish. Me: (speaking through the headphones while driving on the bike, at minus whatever degrees, to work) What's the time? GN: En ole varma miten voin vastan (some gooblygoob it understood) Me: Paljonko kello on? GN: I'm not sure how to help you…

OmniFocus's Spotlight integration

OmniFocus is an essential part in my daily work and thanks it’s Spotlight integration it is a joy to use on iOS

I really like OmniFocus’s Spotlight integration on iOS. I enjoy it how I can search and jump to projects, contexts, perspectives and even tasks from the Spotlight search. It some ways it is even superior to CMD+O on the desktop, as the app doesn’t have to be in the foreground and I can jump directly to a task.

Paired with an external keyboard on the iPad I get even faster to where I want to go in the app.

Now that I have digested the keynote a few thoughts:

  1. iWork: I’m frequently using iWork and any update is great, especially collaboration. Would be even better if I would collaborate.
  2. Mario!
  3. Apple Watch: Great feature set and waterproof. Very likely to get one. I don’t think anyone said anything about battery life, or?
  4. Headphone Jack: I can’t get away from cables fast enough. Not sure though would I want to go with those.
  5. iPhone 7: Water resistance and the camera are a compelling reason to upgrade. An upgrade that I will have to debate about 1029 times with myself.

Finally 'got' Start Dates

2Do is a great task manager which lets me work the way I want to. So far I have not run into something that I need or want, that it doesn’t do. In fact, there are many useful features in the app which are a bit hidden and not obvious in the first place.

While trying to learn some tricks about the app I listened to Episode 66 of Nerds on Draft and in return not only got to know the app a bit better but also learned something and even more useful: I finally got how to use Start Dates.

I have been familiar with the concept of Start Dates in GTD, but it never really made sense to me, hence never used them.
After listening to Gabe and Jeff talk about it’s implementaion in 2DO it finally clicked. Seeing them more as a In Progress makes a lot sense to me.

I already wonder how I could be doing without so far.

  1. I’m not sure at which point of development the app was when the podcast weas recorded, but I like the current implementation of Start Dates in 2Do and will certainly make a lot of use of them in the future. ↩

The One With The Reader

The other day Thomas was talking about Inoreader and since I have been running through a selection of different RSS-reader services, but not this one, I thought I'll give it a try. After G-Reader I mostly used Feedly but was open for something new. After all, I'm on vacation and what else can one do…