Thinking again about moving to an own WordPress install, so that I can tweak my blog the way I want to and look at the options. Not that I haven’t been doing that before, but in the end always moved back to Will someone talk me out of that?

Finished the second arrangement for an upcoming production in October. Six more to go, but I think I’m making good progress.


Ha! WordPress introduced the ultimate solution to my obsessive theme changes. I think, that’s a feature I would almost pay for: externally induced self-control 😉 .

hmmm, TickTick looks nice. Like a slightly more polished version of my favourite Todoist. Seemingly it is missing IFTTT integration though. I guess I don’t have to worry about switching at the moment.

I have set up few IFTTT applets to publish content to my blog and it works very well. I should have double checked that the publish to WordPress applets are configured correctly ☚ī¸. At least now the posts shouldn’t have a title anymore and go to Twitter more or less correctly.

Don’t you just like it when a article about “X” simply doesn’t contain a link to “X” or, say, a source?

It’s amazing what Snapseed if capable of. It does perspective fixing in real time and has this somewhat creepy pose-fixing.

Woah. New Skype is very different. Soon every message app will look similar, has similar features and no one will have an idea which to use.

It’s raining outside but the kids and me making the best of it and having fun watching Batman Season 2.