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These design features, rolling out over the coming weeks, include three key areas of focus:

Enhancing usability for those who use assistive technologies.
Simplifying navigation controls.
Creating consistency across devices.

I have tried and used OneNote for some time but eventually always went back to Evernote, which is just does what suits my needs. That being said, OneNote is a nice app, and I am interested to see how this update will turn out.

A Plethora of Space Operas: Where to Start With the Work of John Scalzi

In A Plethora of Space Operas: Where to Start With the Work of John Scalzi

I have tons of favorite authors, but there’s something special about finding that first author in whatever your favorite genre is that can tell a story that makes you go, “I want more of this immediately.” After reading Old Man’s War, I devoured all the work by Scalzi that I could afford to buy and then started waiting for him to publish more

Even though I am still not finished with the Expanse series, I am already looking forward to read something new. I have read one novella by Scalzi which was very nice and am interested in more. In this article are some good suggestions.

“To find the best things in the history of the internet”

In “A Time Capsule for the World Wide Web” blogger Tim Carmody asked the readers of to show him “What’s the best you got?” with the quest to find the best things in the history of the internet.

The result is this series of posts, which take quite a bit of time to go through. There is a lot of great stuff in there. Some familiar (to me) and lot’s of new stuff. Many things to explore.

Check out the posts here.