Every time I change a theme I am but reminded how inconsistent themes handle similar elements. I ran into subtitles being handled right within the text (my preferred solution), via the excerpt and via custom fields. And I’m not even want to start to talk about post-types. This is a good reminder to write everything in the content and use only the default post-format.

Yesterday's gig performing the music from Birth of the Cool was a good one and a reward for all the work that went into it. Many thanks to Tappi, Maikki, Jukka, Tuomas, Jorma, Sami, Harri and Olli for their music and everyone who showed up. 

Updated to Sibelius 8.7 just before heading out to work. Looking forward to give the new publish feature a try. If it works as advertised this is going to be very useful.

Finally finished the first season of Expanse. It's good as it is, but after reading the though it feels rushed, is missing half the book and is not even ending the same. Wondering how, when or if they will drop Eros onto Venus.

Pocket Casts is long my favourite podcast client and now web-app gets seriously improved! I am one of those using the web-app regularly and these new additions are more than welcome (Dark template… yay!): Web Player 2.0 Beta