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Some good ideas in here from Ben Britton: Improvising and Ending Your Lines

Today at 17:30 me and Sami Juntunen are going to perform in Cafe Makia. Chances are that there are going to be quite a few 8th notes, some of which might swing. So, in case you have nothing to do, and/or want to have some nice coffee or cake with some dudes playing in the corner, you know where to go.

Just by accident (read updating iTunes) I realized that iCloud is available on Windows as well. Woohoo! This will make a lot of things a lot easier for me. Related: Affinity Photo just got more interesting.

We had an earthquake last night. Not that anything happened, but felt it anyway while I was working.

Old Man’s War as a movie sounds great. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books and have the remaining ones already cued up. Looking forward to it!: Old Man’s War in Development at Netflix

Anders Noren has some real nice and free WordPress themes on his website. Just switched over to Lingonberry the other night. Been using that theme before on, but with the Indieweb additions such as Webmentions on my own install, this theme makes even more sense now. Also it had been just recently updated. Kudos to Anders Noren for sharing.

Would have been nice if It also would have been there.

Woah! The next book in the Expanse series Persepolis Rising is going to be released in the next few days. Almost missed the release but now pre-ordered it. I have to hurry to finish my current read it seems.

Had fun the other day performing with the OASBB at the official 100year celebration of the Finnish independence.


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