5th Anniversary

My wonderful wife got me a great gift for our wedding anniversary.

I believe under normal circumstance the 5th anniversary is referred to as the wooden one, but I believe it must be the Millennium Falcon one. What an awesome gift from my lovely wife.

Ninja Go Cake

Tiina made a fantastic cake for the 4th birthday of our son.

At the Toy Store

We visited a toy store and obviously everyone had some fun there. I like the cartoonish images one can create with Prisma. It does seem to work best with matte coloured motifs.

A Road Trip through Norway – Part 3

Some more images from the trip.

Lego Carbon Freezing Chamber

A great birthday gift which is fun to look at and was fun to built.

Tiny devices running iOS 4

I found more devices hidden in some boxes:

The iPod is not booting anymore, but the iPod Touch (running iOS 3.1.3) and the iPhone 3 and the 3GS running iOS 4.2.1 are still booting.

It’s funny to hold them in the hands. They are really tiny and somehow feel old even though it’s not that long ago I used them.

The Road Trip To Norway – Part 2

Here are some more images from the trip. All taken with the OnePlus 2 and processed in VSCO for Android.

7 Years Later: It's still there 


The Lego – First Order Trooper

The collection of Star Wars Lego figurines has gotten yet a little bit bigger. That is, if two does count as a collection.

The Tardis Gingerbread House

Another year, another gingerbread-house. This time the Doctor came for a visit in our little gingerbread village. How great is that. Tiina has outdone herself and made these great houses.

Instructions for the Tardis can be found here.

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