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Journaling is widely considered to be beneficial on many levels, and yes, I keep a journal myself. Or better put: I have one and I am terribly bad at actually doing the journaling work myself.

I have had Day One on my devices and homescreens for a very long time but did not nearly take as much advantage of it as I would have liked to. Every now and then my DayOne usage got a boost, but eventually declined quickly. Which is sad as I always liked the app and like to keep a journal.

Since I am not actively journaling mysefl I have, over time, moved all my journaling efforts over to Evernote only for the reason that I can automate it. Messages, images, posts and what not are getting journaled without any action of my part. Which is admittedly handy.

With the just now updated Day One app(s) also was introduced the Day One Sync which actually might change this and win be back over.

From the the blog post:

Beyond syncing, this service is vital to the future of the Day One platform. It lays the foundation for numerous features in the future, including:
Multiple photos
Journaling via email
API and IFTTT integration

The latter alone sound like a winner for me. I like the idea of getting data automated into the app.

Of course this sounds great, but there is reason to be a little cautious. It’s not that I don’t trust the service, but a sync service like this will eat a lot of storage and bandwith and at least at the moment there is no price tag attached to it. Many popular photosharing services failed because of similar reasons.

That being said, I will give it a try and see how this develops. I can always export my stuff.

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