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Nuntii Latini

Here in Finland it is common that news are broadcasted daily in other languages such as English, naturally Swedish and even for the hearing impaired on TV. But that a weekly show broadcasts the news in Latin for 25 years already was news to me.

In this episode of The Allusionist host Helen Saltzman portraits the show Nuntii Latini and interviews its host:

Launched in September 1989 by producer Hannu Taanila at the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Nuntii Latini is edited by Professor Emeritus Tuomo Pekkanen and Docent Reijo Pitkäranta of Helsinki University. For thirteen years they have taken it in turns to put together the five-minute weekly bulletin, which consists of the main international news headlines of the week and includes Finnish news of international interest, and arts, science and sports topics as appropriate.

The show is also available on iTunes, but don’t even ask if I have listened to it. My latin doesn’t exceed anything than Asterix provides and a mandatory class at the university ended, well… let’s just say I’m glad it’s over. Yet I find this still very interesting.

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