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Star Trek Next Generation Lock Screens

Even though I fiddle around quite a bit with my home screen setup and put unreasonable amount of time rethinking it, I am happily using the same wallpaper for a couple of months already. Which is somewhat surprising.

What I haven’t actually put too much thought into is the lock screen. This though changed when I ran into these Star Trek lock screen both for iPhone and the recently released one for iPad by Gedeon Maheux.

… this project was my way of saying “Thank you!” for the wonderful, futuristic operating system that Next Gen fans know and love as LCARS. With the iPhone 6 Plus approaching the size of actual padds from Next Gen, it only made sense to bring this amazing aesthetic to the palm of our hands.

Very nice. I am not necessarily the biggest of all Star Trek fans, but certainly the series’s has followed me my whole life. Especially The Next Generation I have watched a bit, and having this as a lock screen is just funny.

And yes. The wallpaper I am currently using is the Maverick version of Joe Darnell’s Focus Collection #1.

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