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The One With Google Fonts

I do have a thing for beautiful typography, yet I find it fairly difficult to for example find some nice font-pairs. Luckily there is a lot of inspiration to be found elsewhere.

A few days ago a bunch of Google Fonts was added to the WordPress-Theme-Customizer 1 which reminded me of the 100 days of Fonts project that I stumbled onto a while ago and which I failed to link to for quite some time. The project has ended in the meanwhile and features very beautiful typography only with Google fonts.

Over time I ran into similar pages which feature beautiful type and font-pairs:

It’s very nice and inspiring to see what can be done with these free fonts. There’s a lot to be learned.

And talking about free fonts… Via Twitter I learned about which is a nice collection of free fonts.

  1. There is a decent chance that you have noticed a change of fonts every now and then around here. 

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