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'Where's Everybody?’

I had the article on the Fermi Paradox on Wait by Why in my finish-to-read-and-post-to-the-blog-list for months yet never came around to do either. The folks at Kurzgesagt have now made a great animation on the theory and saved me some time finishing and even more so getting it. It still blows my mind.

I did some further browsing and found on this interesting article on the Fermi Paradox:

So what Fermi immediately realised was that the aliens have had more than enough time to pepper the Galaxy with their presence. But looking around, he didn’t see any clear indication that they’re out and about. This prompted Fermi to ask what was (to him) an obvious question: “where is everybody?””

Some possible ideas are described in What’s Blocking Galactic Civilization:

Perhaps the evidence of alien presence is so beyond us that we simply don’t recognize it (somewhat like mice in The Louvre checking out the Mona Lisa). Another thought is that the aliens find Earth an interesting nature park, and have arranged matters so that, while they can observe us, we can’t observe them. The idea that we may be some aliens’ high-tech ecological exhibit is called the “zoo hypothesis.”

Whatever the reason, this is all very interesting stuff.


The folks at Kurzgesagt have in the meanwhile released the second part of the video. Very nice.

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