Answering the question what I’m focussing on right /Now:

  • Around 24  9+ arrangements have to be written during this spring. This is ongoing and I probably should be doing that.


  • Finally getting my transcriptions here on the blog.

Currently reading:

  • Norse Mythology
    author: Neil Gaiman name: Sven average rating: 4.28 book published: 2017 rating: 0 read at: date added: 2017/02/13 shelves: currently-reading review:

(this list automatically updated via Goodreads and might look a little funky.)

Latest Status:

A Reading-Problem 15 February 2017

Talking about reading. I figured the biggest problem with my established reading habit is, that I have accumulated a huge back catalog of TV-series that I would like to watch, yet have no chance to catch up with; at least at the moment. Maybe not the biggest issue.

Settings>About>System Updates  8 February 2017

Jeij, Android Wear 2.0 is out and I keep checking for updates on my watch. I enjoy the heck out of my Moto 360 and look forward to the updated OS.

Mirco.Blog 4 January 2017

Yesterday I backed Manton Reece’s book and microblogging platform on Kickstarter. I was intrigued by Mirco.Blog for a while and I’m looking forward to see how I (or if) can integrate that with my blog. I have been reading his blog for a long time and tried to integrate the ideas here already and hardly ever post status updates anywhere else but here. So it should fit right in.

What is this?

The concept of a /NOW page is developed by Derek Sivers. Thanks to Derek for the inspiration.