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Andy Ihnatko on the iPad [Link]

Andy Ihnatko on the iPad

In the beginning of the latest episode (episode 42) of the Ihnatko Almanac Andy is discussing how he is using iPad when being on the road.

I found this very interesting considered that I myself use the iPad for the majority of tasks. I find myself using the iMac only for heavier tasks in Lightroom/Photoshop (read: serious image editing), the occasional CSS editing or music notation.

All remaining regular tasks are done on iPad. It always works and is fast and writing works so much better on the device as well.

Generational [Link]


Gabe already teased it in the last episode of Systematic and today the first episode of his podcast Generational has gone live over on the 70 Decibels Network. Nice.

The first episode is a very interesting one and my podcast list had grown yet a bit more.

The Icon Thing – an Aside

As I app’d 1 it yesterday I have spent quite a bit of time finding the right colours for the icons/images in my headers and as of now, I consider it done.

I have been working on this for a while and now every post-type has it’s own colour scheme and icon 2. I know, no one else but me cares about that, but I think it’s always about the little things.

  1. Someone has to come up with a decent naming for posting some to 
  2. Feel free to click around a bit. 

Getting comfy on, and finding apps for ADN

After my very recent move over to I started to make myself a bit comfortable over there, follow people and began to set everything up to my liking. So far, things are looking very promising and I already found familiar people over there.

As I am on the mobile the majority of time I naturally more or less immediately started to explore the list of 3rd party clients on GitHub. I am happy to notice that there’s a bunch of very promising apps already in the pipeline which will hopefully be released in the near future. After all it was also the growing amount or 3rd apps which ultimately pushed me over to sign up for the service.

At the moment there are two apps for the iPhone available in the app-store but (by the time of this writing unfortunately) none for the iPad. From the last few days of using the service I do find though that the mobile interface of the site works fine on the iPad (especially when bookmarking it to the homescreen) but a native app surely would be better 1.

On the desktop there’s a few applications as well. Even though I’m generally not sitting much at the desktop anymore, the app I’m using at the moment is Appetizer, but of course I will have to try a few others as well. Which brings me to a nice overview on some available and upcoming apps which I just found on Mike Vardy’s blog (naturally via

And while I was just in the middle of setting everything up, I finally got around to update my profile pic! Wuhuu, who would have thought. After more than four years using the same one this was long overdue.

So far things are looking good and I am looking forward to see what happens with Feel free to follow me there.

  1. A nice review of the two apps (I’m using Adian at the moment) you can find over on Macstories

[Link] Poster for WordPress Updated

Poster fro WordPress Updated

I got into using Poster a few weeks ago and it has become since then by far my favourite way to blog from the iPad, or in fact, to blog in general. The combo of Poster and Drafts provides just an excellent experience and I haven’t used anything else since then.

The latest version adds (amongst other features) image uploading and it works just smoothly. If you blog with WordPress and write Markdown you really should have a look at it.


It’s a few days ago that I wrote about growing dislike on Twitter’s additude and yesterday I signed up for You can find me there there at @svenseebeck. Who would have thought.

At the moment you can find there one entry of mine while I am still the process of finding, or actually even better, making a new profile pic and header image. Naturally for the time being it is an experiment and naturally I will keep up catching up with my Twitter stream as well.

So, while I’m following interesting people, finding useful apps and setting everything up over there, you are welcome to follow me there as well.

I am positively caught having used the glasses one myself.

Found via The Loop (Part 2).

It's not always "World Wide" and yes, it's still annoying

So, I was just catching up with my podcast subscriptions (the latest episode of Judge John Hodgman to be precise) and learned that his latest book will be soon available as an audiobook. Since I enjoy the show, I was naturally rather excited about an audiobook as well and interested to find out more.

After I arrived at home I wondered whether some of his previously released books are available as well. And they are! Of course there’s a caveat: They are not available in my region!

While available in they are not available via, which would be my preferred store for audiobooks. The situation with iTunes/Amazon is exactly the same (since they only refer to Audible). How such limitations are helping the artists or the customers is beyond my understanding.

And yes, I am aware that there are ways around that, but I don’t want to make it even more cumbersome for me to spend my money. All I want is to simply buy these audiobooks and nothing else.

This is just one of many examples that I ran into, it is just the last but it sure is as annoying as on the first time. Of course I know that there are some international copyright laws and other regulations, but maybe someone should re-think these, as they don’t make any sense anymore in this day and age. After all, it’s called the world wide web.

[Link] Using Photogene To Insert Images in Posts

<a href=””link”>Using Photogene To Insert Images in Posts

While working on the post on Drafts I ran into this very useful article via the Agile Tortoise website. I haven’t used Photogene myself in a while, but it worked just fine when editing the screenshot on the iPad. Much easier and smoother than trying to use Photoshop Touch.

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