‘I better to try to work on it’

Sonny Rollins talks about working with Monk and the Bridge period:

I didn’t have the feeling within myself, that I was really able to put out what they expected from me. So, that’s what I did. I will lay off the scene and go back into the woodshed, and get these things together and that’s basically what that thing on the bridge actually was all about.

This is a very nice animation of an excellent interview with Sonny Rollins.

Home-Screen for April 2017

It’s been a while, but here’s the latest home-screen.

It’s been a while, but here’s the latest home-screen.

Three months have passed since the last home-screen post, but at least there had been some changes. First of all, I’m using a different launcher. I used to use Action Launcher, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to support all the app-shortcuts that are, at least in theory, available.

At first I was holding out, because my phone wasn’t on 7.1 at that time, but even after the update, not all shortcuts were showing. In theory this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but some of my most-used apps, Todoist for example, were missing them, which was enough reason for me to look elsewhere.

And elsewhere was with Nova Launcher right around the corner. It did require a bit more fiddling (but you know, that is probably the reason I’m doing that in the first place) but eventually I got a really nice setup, with a whole bunch of helpful shortcuts. For example all things here on the home-screen serves at least two or more things.

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My Podcast List for Spring 2017

I did some spring-cleaning and have cleaned up my subscription list and cut it in half

I did some spring-cleaning and have cleaned up my subscription list and cut it in half

During the last year my podcast list has grown quite a bit, and I frequently added more and more audio-dramas. Eventually I found myself not only unable to catch up with the various shows and series but also lost interest into a few the shows. Some of them simply couldn’t keep me attached for long enough or got rather stale in my opinion.

So, the other weekend I then eventually went through my subscriptions and slimmed it down quite a bit and it seems like I went back to my old list of Tech-Shows.

Currently there are overall 37 shows in my list, quite a few of them though are currently not updated or on a hiatus. So, for the sake of simplicity I will add here only the ones that are frequently updated.

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The other day we finally came around watching Inferno, and even though I enjoyed the movie, I found myself frequently confused on differences between movie and book. Among other things, it struck me that the movie ended so fundamentally different.

Since I couldn’t remember every detail about the book anymore, I did some research and quickly found this overview of all the differences on Stack Overflow.

Needless to say, the ending in the book is much better.

Almost Done

Managed to finish the last very big arrangement for this school-year. Feels good. There will be still some more coming up, but they shouldn’t be as time consuming as the last one. I’m probably jinxing it right now, but I’m looking forward to get the last three done as well, hopefully, already by the end of next week.

Google Docs has become a great Blog Editor

The recently released Wordpress add-on for Google Docs turns out to be rather useful, even without the need to collaborate

The recently released WordPress add-on for Google Docs turns out to be rather useful, even without the need to collaborate


I have somewhat a history of fiddling way too much with my writing setup, and as such have been dabbling with way too many tools, i.e. text editors. In the recent past it happened that I slowly but steadily started to switch over to WYSIWYG tools for writing and blogging, here most notably the new WordPress editor or the Press-This bookmarklet.

Both are fine tools (especially after the last update), but for longer posts, those which need a lot more work and/or offline-access, I need a different setup. For these I usually pulled out a text-editor like Ulysses. Even though I enjoy working in that (or similar) app, the lack of cross-platform availability eventually always made me stop using it. I prefer to have my stuff as easily and widely available as possible I guess.

The other week WordPress has released a Google Docs add-on, enabling a publish-to a Jetpack-enabled WordPress blog, which turned out as a great solution for me.

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