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Had fun the other day performing with the OASBB at the official 100year celebration of the Finnish independence.

Oh my, OF!

It took me about a week after returning to OmniFocus to realize why I stopped using it in the first place. That didn’t last long. Makes exporting tasks that much faster.

For the time being I will go back to Things, even it that means I have to adjust the way I organize my stuff. I hope to figure out a system that fits into the app and allows to me to sort stuff the way I want. I’m not very optimistic, but let’s see.

I might even try Goodtask. This article from on makes a good argument for it. Eventually though, I’m sure I will go back to Todoist. It always served me well.

Now that ECM records are available on iTunes I use a little downtime by listening to a long, but but not forgotten classic, Kenny Wheeler’s ”Music For Large And Small Ensembles”.

I have a pain in my teeth that stops whenever I eat or brush my teeth. I gather my options are either to gain weight or end up with a really shiny smile. Alternatively I could see a dentist, but that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

iA Writer’s new font

The post In Search of the Perfect Writing Font from the folks behind iAWriter popped up in my RSS reader the other ago and sadly turned into a case of TL’DR. Then, I didn’t had enough time or energy to finish reading it. In hindsight this was stupid, since it wasn’t until I read the linkpost on MacStories that I learned that iA Writer’s new font is available on GitHub!

I’m glad I didn’t miss this, since this is fantastic news!

Despite really liking Nitti (maybe even a little too much), I never could justify purchasing it. This new font looks and feels great and I installed it already in Ulysses.

As a bonus, the font it is based on, IBM’s new font, IBM Plex, is available on GitHub as well which is probably worth having a look at as well.

Thanks to the fine folks a iA for sharing.

And back to OmniFocus (again, like for the hundreth time)

After re-animating my 6plus the other week I also started to give Things 3 try and naturally I have some thoughts about it and learned something about myself. While it is visually without doubt the most beautiful, and well designed task-manager around I found it, besides all it’s simplicity too cumbersome to use.

Most frustating was1 that I seemingly can’t organize the tasks the way I want. I couldn’t find a easy way to, say, list all items in an area that have a due date. If the tasks were tagged though, I could see them in the Upcoming list filtered by that tag, but that easily get’s annoying once that task is far ahead into the future, and involved a lot of scrolling.

In short: there is no way to build up anything at least resembling perspectives. I didn’t know that I rely on them so much, but I had a few in Todoist and also in OmniFocus, which is what I am now using again.

However I hard I tried to use someting else, OF is the app I always come back to.

  1. And I’m not even going in now and talk about the lack of Spotlight/Siri -search or location based reminders. 

Took advantage of this offer and renewed my Inoreader subscription today. I use the service probably way too many times a day and enjoying the IFTTT integration, which is bringing you this post as well. If you read RSS feeds it is worth it. Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2017 and an Irresistible Offer From Inoreader

I was just looking for a new wallpaper and realized that this collection on got updated since the last time I visited and linked to. Some very nice ones on there.

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