Day One Encryption

In Day One Encryption:

This approach allows us to continue developing additional applications and services for Day One, like our web and Android apps (currently in beta),

Encryption is great but I am almost more interested into the web-version and the Android version, which would make it more usable for me. Currently I’m using Journey (which is a nice, cross-platform app), but would switch back to DayOne for IFTTT integration alone. I’m not good at all at daily journaling but if I can automate at least some entries, that would already be helpful.

‘Trying to compare the two as if they were parallel just doesn’t make sense’

In Apple’s Android upgrade jabs don’t tell the whole story :

So, yes: Android OS upgrades are not a stately situation. Apple’s pie chart doesn’t lie about that. What those stunning circles don’t tell you, though, is that OS upgrades on Android play an extremely different role than OS upgrades on iOS. Google has deliberately shifted much of Android’s core functionality away from the operating system and into standalone apps — apps that are then updated instantly and universally, numerous times a year, without any manufacturer or carrier involvement and without any direct connections to the OS itself.

J.R.Raphael nails it here. Android updates are a pain in the butt, but core-functionalities are added and updated many times a year. To me this makes sense. All of Google’s apps get updates all the time, which is much more exciting than waiting for the yearly (or twice yearly incremental update).

Caret – A Markdown Editor

I was looking for a Markdown editor on Windows and found with ‘Caret’ a great cross-platform solution

Even though I have been getting more and more accustomed using WYSIWYG editors for writing and blogging1 over the course of the last few months, I somehow have missed my precious plain-text-workflows. Every now and then, like just-for-the-old-times-sake did some work on a plain-text file. Not sure why, but I missed it.
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‘You may be drinking something that gives a burn from top to bottom’

Matt Gemmell in Whisky:

Whisky, like any non-clear spirit, is an acquired taste – and I mean acquired in the same way that we acquire wealth, or possessions: it takes work. You have to actually decide that you’re going to drink it. That’s the first step.The next step is that you do drink it, and then usually you wish you hadn’t.

One of my favourite articles from Matt and since I have gotten recently not only one, but two, bottles of scotch as a gift, I am about ready to give them a try.

‘A Plethora of Space Operas’

In A Plethora of Space Operas: Where to Start With the Work of John Scalzi

I have tons of favorite authors, but there’s something special about finding that first author in whatever your favorite genre is that can tell a story that makes you go, “I want more of this immediately.” After reading Old Man’s War, I devoured all the work by Scalzi that I could afford to buy and then started waiting for him to publish more

Even though I am still not finished with the Expanse series, I am already looking forward to read something new. I have read one novella by Scalzi which was very nice and am interested in more. In this article are some good suggestions.

"To find the best things in the history of the internet"

In “A Time Capsule for the World Wide Web” blogger Tim Carmody asked the readers of to show him “What’s the best you got?” with the quest to find the best things in the history of the internet.

The result is this series of posts, which take quite a bit of time to go through. There is a lot of great stuff in there. Some familiar (to me) and lot’s of new stuff. Many things to explore.

Check out the posts here.

On Mastodon

Adding another social network to the mix

Even though Micro.Blog is around the corner I got intrigued by Mastodon and today signed up for it. I heard Leo Laporte mentioning it on TWiG during this week, but the name of the service/protocol slipped my mind and eventually I forgot about it. Yesterday Thomas talked about it on it Twitter (ironically) and with it brought it back to my attention​.

After a quick research I found this excerpt from TWiG, in which Kevin Marks explains quite well what this all is about, and I find it rather compelling. After a little bit more reading I went for the instance and set up an account. It feels somehow familiar, but I will have to learn a bit more about it and most importantly, find interesting people to follow.

It feels as exciting as was when it was new, or even better, around.

I understand that beginning on Monday the 24th, the Micro.Blog rollout will begin and I am looking forward to it. I have the feeling that, since it is more blog-centric it will suit me well, or better. I guess, that I will soon now.

That all being said, you can find me now also on Mastodon as I’m quite interested to see how all of this works out.

To Theme And Back

Annoyed by myself I needed to re-instate my theme challenge

There is a good chance that, should you have visited here during the last week more than once (as you do of course, just kidding, I don’t think anyone has noticed), it looked different every single time. Naturally this was because I, once again, felt the need to change the blog’s theme and as expected drove myself crazy in the process.

I had the same thing happening to me almost a year ago, which then eventually inspired my theme challenge. Then I wanted to stick to the current default theme (then Twenty Sixteen) in order to wait for Twenty Seventeen to be released. Turns out that now that it has, it doesn’t work that well for me and I didn’t manage that well with the challenge to begin with. Switched themes a couple of times already then.

After realizing that Twentyseventeen will not work for me during the last week I tried and fiddled with, what I think to be about five to seven different themes. As ones does. So I fiddled, and fiddled and the other night additionally spent way too much time fiddling with fonts and font pairs and what not.

Since this can’t go on like this, I decided to re-instate my theme-challenge and stick with this theme (Twentysixteen) at least until the next default theme is going to be announced. Whenever that will be.

That is until something better comes along, of course… Well, no… Maybe… Whatever…