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‘It comes in pints?’

In How Much Alcohol Does it Take to Get a Hobbit Drunk?:

It makes sense that hobbits would veer toward smaller pours because they are smaller people—you wouldn’t give a five-year-old a pint glass of juice because they have smaller stomachs and the glass would be harder to manage in smaller hands.

Ever wondered how much a Hobbit could drink? You’ll find the answer in this article. Brilliant!

Day One Encryption

In Day One Encryption:

This approach allows us to continue developing additional applications and services for Day One, like our web and Android apps (currently in beta),

Encryption is great but I am almost more interested into the web-version and the Android version, which would make it more usable for me. Currently I’m using Journey (which is a nice, cross-platform app), but would switch back to DayOne for IFTTT integration alone. I’m not good at all at daily journaling but if I can automate at least some entries, that would already be helpful.

‘Trying to compare the two as if they were parallel just doesn’t make sense’

In Apple’s Android upgrade jabs don’t tell the whole story :

So, yes: Android OS upgrades are not a stately situation. Apple’s pie chart doesn’t lie about that. What those stunning circles don’t tell you, though, is that OS upgrades on Android play an extremely different role than OS upgrades on iOS. Google has deliberately shifted much of Android’s core functionality away from the operating system and into standalone apps — apps that are then updated instantly and universally, numerous times a year, without any manufacturer or carrier involvement and without any direct connections to the OS itself.

J.R.Raphael nails it here. Android updates are a pain in the butt, but core-functionalities are added and updated many times a year. To me this makes sense. All of Google’s apps get updates all the time, which is much more exciting than waiting for the yearly (or twice yearly incremental update).

In The New Avid Sibelius 8.6 is Now Available:

This release introduces Magnetic Glissandi, streamlining the creation and manipulation of gliss., port. and wavy lines, as well as fixing a whole host of long standing bugs in Sibelius 

This looks to be a promising update, the glissando thing looks great and solves the difficulty of getting nice looking ones.

In Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) could receive Android Wear 2.0 update as early as today

As you can see, the Android Wear 2.0 update for Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) users seems ready to be rolled out, and it could arrive as early as today 

Looking forward to it.

In Don’t Blame Twitter – Dave Pell – Medium 

The problem is not that Twitter enabled those who would choose to spread hate speech. The problem is that so many of these people exist in the first place. Twitter didn’t create them. It merely allows us to see them.

David Pell nails it. Obviously this is true for all things social media.

In Note-taking made easier for everyone—redesigning OneNote – Office Blogs

These design features, rolling out over the coming weeks, include three key areas of focus:

Enhancing usability for those who use assistive technologies.
Simplifying navigation controls.
Creating consistency across devices.

I have tried and used OneNote for some time but eventually always went back to Evernote, which is just does what suits my needs. That being said, OneNote is a nice app, and I am interested to see how this update will turn out.

‘A Plethora of Space Operas’

In A Plethora of Space Operas: Where to Start With the Work of John Scalzi

I have tons of favorite authors, but there’s something special about finding that first author in whatever your favorite genre is that can tell a story that makes you go, “I want more of this immediately.” After reading Old Man’s War, I devoured all the work by Scalzi that I could afford to buy and then started waiting for him to publish more

Even though I am still not finished with the Expanse series, I am already looking forward to read something new. I have read one novella by Scalzi which was very nice and am interested in more. In this article are some good suggestions.

In Fluid Responsive Typography With CSS Poly Fluid Sizing – Smashing Magazine 

In this article, we are going to take it to another level. We are going to examine how to create scalable, fluid typography across multiple breakpoints and predefined font sizes using well-supported browser features and some basic algebra.

This looks like an interesting technique. Will have to try this next time I tweak some a theme.

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