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Some good ideas in here from Ben Britton: Improvising and Ending Your Lines

Old Man’s War as a movie sounds great. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books and have the remaining ones already cued up. Looking forward to it!: Old Man’s War in Development at Netflix

Took advantage of this offer and renewed my Inoreader subscription today. I use the service probably way too many times a day and enjoying the IFTTT integration, which is bringing you this post as well. If you read RSS feeds it is worth it. Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2017 and an Irresistible Offer From Inoreader

This looks like a neat solution to create breath marks in Sibelius. Will give a try: Better breath marks in Sibelius

Pocket Casts is long my favourite podcast client and now web-app gets seriously improved! I am one of those using the web-app regularly and these new additions are more than welcome (Dark template… yay!): Web Player 2.0 Beta

Didn’t know that Art Pepper did also some movie soundtracks. Some very good stuff on Jazz Wax again: Art Pepper: At the Movies

Talking about podcasts… Just learned about this one, which right up my alley and seems to be very interesting: LeVar Burton Reads Short Fiction to You in New Podcast

I like the built-in solarized theme in Atom a lot but this looks very nice. Will give it a try: At a Glance: Panda Syntax Dark Theme

đź‘Ť”Nachdem ich mich dann aber ĂĽberhaupt nicht im Themedschungel auf zurechtgefunden habe, bin ich dann bei meinem persönlichen Themeguru, nämlich bei Sven, auf Independent Publisher gestoĂźen, was mir sofort sehr gut gefallen hat, und nun hier läuft.”: Neues Design


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