Pocket Casts is long my favourite podcast client and now web-app gets seriously improved! I am one of those using the web-app regularly and these new additions are more than welcome (Dark template… yay!): Web Player 2.0 Beta

👍”Nachdem ich mich dann aber ĂŒberhaupt nicht im Themedschungel auf WordPress.org zurechtgefunden habe, bin ich dann bei meinem persönlichen Themeguru, nĂ€mlich bei Sven, auf Independent Publisher gestoßen, was mir sofort sehr gut gefallen hat, und nun hier lĂ€uft.”: Neues Design

‘When the music is being read on the likes of iPads, all bets are off’

In A few brief thoughts about the size of music paper – Scoring Notes:

The sweet spot for much of the music I prepare is around 7.5 mm. For studio sessions and other instances where music is sight-read, the stands are shared, and/or lighting is sub-optimal, 7.7 mm is nice; for chamber music that is likely to have the benefit of a lot of rehearsal, 7.3 mm or even smaller can be just fine.

Just finished another arrangement and these ideas are certainly useful. I usually stick to the default of 7.0 mm, but will give a slightly larger size a try. Either though feels a bit small on iPads. At least on the 9.5 inch models. I have yet to see music on one of the larger ones.

I was wondering if there is a string-instrument lower than the double-bass. Of course there is: the Octobasse. Why wouldn’t it?!