‘A Plethora of Space Operas’

In A Plethora of Space Operas: Where to Start With the Work of John Scalzi

I have tons of favorite authors, but there’s something special about finding that first author in whatever your favorite genre is that can tell a story that makes you go, “I want more of this immediately.” After reading Old Man’s War, I devoured all the work by Scalzi that I could afford to buy and then started waiting for him to publish more

Even though I am still not finished with the Expanse series, I am already looking forward to read something new. I have read one novella by Scalzi which was very nice and am interested in more. In this article are some good suggestions.

The Books I Read in 2015

I remember how I realised at the end of last year how few books I have managed to read during that year. In fact I was even a little bit shocked about it. So something had to be done and I challenged myself to read at leas one book more during this year.

TL;DR I managed, even though I still don’t read as much as I would like to. I planned to read a bit every day, and mostly I succeeded with that. Even though I can read everywhere with the Kindle App getting a Kindle Paperwhite was a huge help for achieving my goal. It makes for a very nice reading experience.

Additionally I gave audiobooks a more serious try and realised that I like it a lot, as it gives me the chance to read a book while going to work or walking the dog and such. I have linked to quite a few already and most of them are available both on Spotify and Google Music.

But here now the list of books and audiobooks that I finished during this year:


  • Mary Roach: Packing for Mars
  • Aaron Mahnke: Consumed
  • Aaron Mahnke: Grave Suspicion
  • Stephen King: 11.22.69
  • Jack Finney: Time And Again
  • James Harriot: All Creatures Great And Small


  • Bram Stoker: Dracula
  • Charles Bukowski: Der Mann mit der Ledertasche
  • H.P. Lovecraft: The Shadow over Innsmouth
  • H.P.Lovecraft: The Dunwich Horror & The Thing on the Doorstep
  • H.P.Lovecraft: Imprisoned with the Pharaoahs & other stories
  • H.P.Lovecraft: The Whisperer in Darkness Spotify
  • J.R.R.Tolkien: The Hobbit
  • Mary Shelley: Frankenstein
  • Dan Brown: Sakrileg (The DaVinci Code)
  • Stephen King: Nachtschicht
  • Stephen King: Nachtschicht II
  • Stephen King: Das Mädchen
  • Stephen King: The Shining

The Challenge

Naturally I will have to challenge myself again and try to, again, finish at least one more book than this year. Compared to last year I have doubled it during this year, but I don’t expect that to happen again. But hey, seven books seems manageable.

I guess I will figure out in December 2016.

The Paperwhite

Purchasing a kindle eventually guided me to do what I have planned for a long time already: to read more.

At the end of last year I wrote a piece about my inability to read as much as I would like to, and I kind of challenged myself to improve on this. Suffice to say, that it is not there where I would like it to be, but at least it has gotten better.

First off I continued with reading Packing For Mars which had been on my list already last year and eventually managed to finish it. As usual I have been mostly reading on either the iPad or the iPhone. As Amazon updated it’s iOS app and introduced it’s new font, Bookerly, I started to spent a lot more time in the Kindle app and eventually purchased the new and updated Kindle Paperwhite. My eyes grew a bit tired of reading from the reflective screen of either iDevice and I thought it would be at least worth a try to have a look at a dedicated device for reading.

Since this was my first Kindle, I did not quite know what to expect and in short: I like it a lot. It is a very nice reading experience and I feel very comfortable reading on it at all times. I have it lying around the apartment and always grab it to catch up with some quick reading when I have the time for it.

Since I got it I have not read as much as many others do, but at least and I have read A LOT more than I usually do. Even though I still don’t have as much time as I would like to, I try to read at least some every day. As a little goes a long way I am able to finish each book eventually.

Additionally I make the effort now, as opposed to the collection of my many half-finished books, to finish each book I start, even it turns out to be not quite what I expected. There is still the good feeling of achievement of having finished the book. The Kindle helps me a lot with that, as it is, at least at home, always close by, and I can grab it and read a few pages.

Also I do enjoy some of the Kindle features, such as being able to see what other readers have highlighted in a specific book. This serves as a good inspiration and source of quotes. As last year, I will publish a list of books that I actually finished at the end of this year to challenge myself a little.