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Yesterdays concert was a good one, this is certainly a fun program to play and people enjoyed it. Thanks to Tappi, Jukka, Maikki, Sami, Harri and Olli for playing and everyone that showed up.

After you have visited the Big Band gig on Friday you can of course come to Jumpru Pub on Saturday at 16:30 and listen to us performing the music of Charles Mingus. Just saying.

The question “How did Finland become such fertile ground for wacky sports?” is answered here: Finland has a Sports Screw Loose

We went to the circus the other day. Sure was fun, especially the thing with the five motorcycles in this cage.

Mentally adding the inventor of crayons to the list of people that clearly hate parents.

Very nice. I am familiar with Quill but Omnibear was new to me. I will have to give this a try as well.

Interesting. The Android WordPress app features a new editor, both on iOS and Android. Looks nice, this will make new posts much easier.

Spotify’s search is utterly useless. Doesn’t find anything. Searching for a soundtrack links to a playlist of the soundtrack but not the actual album which doesn’t show up at all.

Today I learned that a narrow road through the mountains with less that 10m visibility is both scary and fun. Actually more scary. The good thing though is, that one can’t see how steep it is going down just a meter and half to the right.

Cape North is even foggier and stormier than last time. One day we might actually see something.


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