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This got to be my favorite live-stream at the moment: Bears in Alaska

Snow falling on the 1st of June. No comment.

I guess I’m somewhere between sticking to one move the whole evening and the drink boxer. I might throw in some greetings from the 60’s if I had one too much. 

I was looking around for some video editing software on Android and found both Quik and Premiere Clip rather nice. Quik automates more while Premiere Clip offers more control. With Quik it is though faster to make a bit more splashy videos.

I will have to play around with both of them more.


This was quite a fun concert and thanks to Inga you can watch the whole concert1 now on Facebook and here.

The line-up:

  • Tapio Maunuvaara – trumpet
  • Me – tenor
  • Marja-Kaisa Villanen – baritone
  • Jukka Myllys – trombone/baritone horn
  • Sami Juntunen – piano
  • Harri Sarkkinen – bass
  • Olli Estola – drums

Thanks for watching.

  1. Including someone’s speaks between the tunes. 

I had to give Prisma’s new video editing capabilities a try with a little clip from last weeks concert. I still wish the app would allow also other formats than square and maybe a bit more than 15 seconds for a video.

Make Me Smile – Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra

What a saxophone section on Make Me Smile: Dick Oatts (plays as awesome as ever), Kenny Garrett, Joe Lovano…

I had issues like this before on this machine, but actually didn’t had it happen in a while. Luckily a reboot fixes this issue.

Until the next time at least.


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