I was wondering if there is a string-instrument lower than the double-bass. Of course there is: the Octobasse. Why wouldn’t it?!

Manton Reece:
Started to document third-party Micropub apps we’ve tested, like Quill and Omnibear.

Very nice. I am familiar with Quill but Omnibear was new to me. I will have to give this a try as well.

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Day One Premium and the Future

I have greater concerns about Day One’s ability to survive as a business. My impression is that the subscription model is a move to stay profitable. I don’t think this will be a magic bullet. Customers simply don’t want to pay the price for top-tier self sustaining apps on iOS, especially when the full annual cost of $50 is spelled out in black and white.

I agree with Gabe on this point, it does feel a bit this way. I signed up for the subscription service and look forward to the release of the Android version. App development is expensive and I can imagine that hosting and bandwidth for the sync-service is not going to be cheap either. Let’s see how this plays out. I fear though that things on the Android side, i.e. Play Store are going to be even more difficult, as I read once related to iAWriter Android version.

Here’s an error I don’t want to do a second time, aka filed under today I learned: An error in a themes’ function.php can take down the wp-admin interface. Ouch!

Too bad. Just when I thought I could make replying to a post a bit faster with IFTTT, I run into the limitations of what seems to be possible within an applet. It seems there is going to be too much of added html. Have to check if I can work around this a bit.

Exploring the various plugins and services related to Indieweb. This is all very interesting. There is still some things to learn but I’m closer to get it to work for me. Nice.